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Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 548 19 77

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Marina Foltea

Founder and Managing Director, Geneva

Areas of expertise

  • International trade law
  • World Trade Organisation
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Trade Dispute Settlement
  • Highly regulated sectors
  • Linkage of trade and other rules


A former governmental official and researcher, Dr Foltea is a lawyer advising global companies and governmental institutions around the world. Her main areas of expertise are international economic agreements and organisations, notably the WTO, FTAs and International Investment Agreements (IIAs). She specializes in the WTO accessions, market access, trade policy reviews, dispute settlement. She takes a keen interest in the linkages of trade and other areas of international law (health, environment, human rights).

Since September 2016 she is on the Indicative List of WTO Panels, which makes her eligible to solve WTO disputes. Starting 2019, Dr Foltea is one of the five experts sitting on the WTO Permanent Group of Experts on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures. She is a frequent speaker in international events and has spoken in the European Parliament.

Dr Foltea has obtained her Ph.D. in International Economic Law in 2010 from the University of Bern winning the Walther Hug prize for the best legal dissertation in Switzerland. She is also Assistant Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences (Institute of Law Studies).

Marina Foltea is Founder and Managing Director of Trade Pacts, Geneva.

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