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Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 548 19 77

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Trade Pacts offers public sector and private sector assistance
for international trade and public affairs challenges.

Our Clients


We help private companies leveraging international economic instruments to expand their business and save costs. We also help defend business against overly restrictive and unjustified regulations. There is a lot behind international economic agreements, which can be used by private sector. We will demystify that language for you!


We help governments with multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations in order to get the deal which best fits their economic interests. We help understanding the best direction of international trade policy and how to make the best out of participation in the FTAs and WTO, including through leveraging dispute settlement mechanisms. We will also work with governments in order to build their capacity and national strategies in this field. Our experts will keenly engage in exploring new trade policy issues under discussions in the WTO and other international forums.

Our Specialties

International Economic Treaties

  • World Trade Organisation
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • International Investment Agreements

Global Regulations

  • Trade & Health
  • Trade & Environment
  • Trade & Human Rights

International Public Affairs

  • Advocacy Development
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Monitoring International Organisations Monitoring

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